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  • The minimum initial loan amount is $200.00.
  • The maximum loan amount will be $1,500.00.

Cost of Your Installment Loan

The total payments due and APR will be disclosed on your loan agreement. The payment schedule on your loan agreement will include the number of payments, payment amounts and payment dates for the duration of the loan. For details on the specific fees of your loan, please see your loan agreement. Late fees and non-sufficient funds / returned item fees may apply as described in your loan agreement. Examples of the total payments charged of your loan are provided in the table below. To minimize the cost of your loan, we strongly recommend that you pay your loan in full or make additional payments as soon as you can. There are no penalties for early payoff.

Payment Schedules

Your full payment schedule will be included in your loan agreement. You can reduce the total cost of your loan by paying off your loan prior to your last due date on your payment schedule or by making additional payments on or between your payment due dates. You control how soon you wish to pay your loan off. There will not be any prepayment penalties.

Below is a sample payment schedule for a $300 loan. Please note that your APR may vary based upon your total loan duration and amount funded. Remember that the sooner you pay back your loan, the less your total loan cost will be. If you are interested in paying your loan in full before your last due date, or paying any additional amount towards your loan, please ask a loan manager to set up the payment for you at least 2 days prior to your scheduled pay date. If you wish to set your loan to pay in full at any time, you can also do so in your member log in. You must schedule the payment at least 2 days prior to your scheduled pay date.

ZocaLoans SAMPLE Simple Interest Loan Payments

Approx. Payback: 12 payments (Sample is bi-weekly Payments)
Approx 795% APR

Payment Number Principle Amount Interest Amount Payment Amount When Payment is Due
1. $3.60 $94.25 $99.00 10/16/2015
2. $4.75 $94.25 $99.00 10/30/2015
3. $6.26 $92.74 $99.00 11/13/2015
4. $8.25 $90.75 $99.00 11/27/2015
5. $10.87 $88.13 $99.00 12/11/2015
6. $14.33 $84.67 $99.00 12/28/2015
7. $18.89 $80.12 $99.00 1/8/2016
8. $24.89 $74.11 $99.00 1/22/2016
9. $32.81 $66.18 $99.00 2/5/2016
10. $43.24 $55.75 $99.00 2/19/2016
11. $56.99 $42.00 $99.00 3/4/2016
12. $75.12 $23.88 $99.00 3/18/2016
TOTAL $300.00 $888.00 $1,188.00 3/18/2016

Funding Timeframes

Applications processed and approved before 8pm CST Monday-Friday are typically funded on the next business day.

Late / NSF Fees

If a payment is not made by your due date, you will be subject to additional fees. If a payment is returned because there are insufficient funds on deposit, or your payment is dishonored by your financial institution for any reason, then you will be assessed an NSF fee of $25. If any payment is late by more than two days after the due date, then you will be responsible for an additional $25 late fee.

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